Merchandising Tips

When buying your Essentials assortment for your store, pick the 2 styles you feel are the best for your customer and offer them in a range of complimentary colors. You send a cohesive brand message when you stand behind a style. It will also look irresistible to the shopper’s eye when she sees the same style in so many fabulous hues.

  • When selecting which adorned styles to coordinate with your mix of solid colored essentials, try to pick shoes with embellishments that match back to the color of the Essentials shoes for a more cohesive display on your selling floor.
  • If you are displaying Essentials on a Rack, It is good to introduce a new color or two every couple of months to keep things looking new and fresh. Oka-b offers their shoes in countless colors, so there is always something new to try.
  • When selecting your shoes to buy for the season, try to pick 3 key colors that pop your black, nudes, and metallics. This will make your assortment easier to merchandise on the sales floor. If you have a clothing boutique, consider shoes that will complement the clothing range you have purchased for the season.
  • Consider having seasonal promotions for Oka-b Remind your customers that Oka-b is a perfect way to “treat your feet.” For spa stores, create a display of key ways to get your feet in shape for the season: foot creams, massage, nail polish and Oka-b!

    If you need a promotional flyer to email or handout to your preferred customer, we provide custom designed Oka-b promotional flyers on the website listed under our Sales Tools tab.

  • Promotions to support American made goods are not only all the rage, but a patriotic and responsible thing to do. By promoting our brand we help keep more jobs here at home. Oka-b is Handcrafted in the USA!!!

    Weddings do not stop with shoes for the bride. Offer a 10% discount to your brides who want to treat all of their bridesmaids or wedding attendees to Oka-b shoes. Multiple sales equal bigger profits!

  • Our ballet flats make wonderful gifts for mothers, friends and teachers. They are comfortable, fashionable, practical and our custom shoe boxes make them gift ready!
  • Make sure to keep your Oka-b hanging rack stocked and ready to sell. Shoes sell better when your racks are full and well merchandised.

    Consider buying or extending a special employee discount on Oka-b to your sales team who will be selling the shoes. Sell-thrus will be higher when customers see how fabulous the shoes look on the feet of your sales people.

  • Make sure that your sales staff is educated on all of the attributes of our Oka-b sandals: They are Handcrafted in America, Eco-Chic, Ergonomically designed, Comfortable, Durable, and Slip Resistant.